Revenue Cycle Management Where Cash Flow is Queen

A Healthy Bottom Line is Foundational

Your services are not free and your practice is a business – one with critically high stakes. Without adequate cash flow, you will be forced to divert your attention away from the very population you have chosen (and worked hard) to serve.

UPIC Health assigns the same embedded care to managing your revenue cycle as we do your patient’s experience. From contracting and credentialing to patient billing and collections, UPIC Health is your RCM partner in keeping payments flowing and your practice thriving.

We Avoid and/or Uncover Barriers to timely payments

If you’re just starting out, UPIC Health will ensure your virtual front desk and RCM functions are working seamlessly together for your patients and practice.

If you’re outsourcing your RCM functions in hopes of removing bottlenecks to timely payments, UPIC will immediately provide the key challenges to process causing delays and will work directly with carriers and your IT to resolve. As with your patients, our role is to act as extensions of you.

The Starting Point

The contracting/credentialing process should be simple however with the ever changing landscape where healthcare delivery models are under scrutiny, it is critical you have an RCM strategic partner who stays abreast of changing policies across all 50 states that can have an impact on your cash flow.

UPIC Health is your RCM partner whose focus on your bottom line is equalled only by your focus on getting your patients well.


Recovered claims

after only 3 months after brisk identification of credentialing issues creating backlog of unnecessary denials

Workflow, Workflow, Workflow

With health IT comes IT issues and RCM is no exception. Workflows between disparate but dependent systems are critical to assure timely payments. UPIC Health assures the technology investments you’ve made are demonstrating value in getting you paid!


Reduction in rejections

Exceptions Management ONLY

When all pieces of the RCM puzzle work in concert, the administrative staff needed to manage the exceptions reduces dramatically. With UPIC Health, all of those savings are passed to you.


Increase in productivity

The bar is always moving up

Whether it’s ICD-10, MACRA or Meaningful Use one thing is for sure – every day a potential new barrier moves into position. New challenges to timely payments (or payments at all!) present with greater complexity in process and policy.

UPIC Health is your RCM partner whose business it is to focus on these changes so you don’t have to.

Bundle and save

To truly be a one-stop-shop for your patients is to recognize likely outcomes are appointments and that appointment scheduling is the first process kicking off the Revenue Cycle Process. Any issues on the front end can delay payments causing great strain on your cash flow. Bundle UPIC Communications Center with UPIC RCM for even greater value.

Not a contact center...

We leverage over 50 years of combined experience with enterprise level Contact Center best practices in delivering exceptional patient services in a virtual setting.

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