Workforce Optimization Case Study

The Problem

Healthify provides a comprehensive database of social service organizations designed to enable comprehensive care to patients in need of multiple channels of support.

Healthify needed a mature contact center partner to conduct outreach to social service organizations around the country, verifying and updating the database with information obtained.

Reaching service organizations required multiple contacts to confirm services.

Healthify is an exciting start up with limited budget to spend on this key effort.

The Process

UPIC recommended a 2-3 week pilot during which 4 resources would alternate shift times to conduct outreach.

UPIC customized our platform to collect meaningful insight on best times to maximize productivity.

UPIC and Healthify team met consistently throughout the pilot period to review findings and make decisions about how best to go forward.

“UPIC Health delivers outbound service verification in support of maintaining our database of critical social services to our clients and their patients. UPIC helped us maximize every dollar budgeted for this effort and we’re looking forward to a long and meaningful partnership.”

Manik Bhat, CEO Healthify

30% at the start of pilot period, only 30% of all phone calls confirmed services

80% but with maximized schedules, UPIC reaches 80% of service organizations on the first call