UPIC Health Launches Community Lift Jobs Program 

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UPIC Health Launches Community Lift Jobs Program 

Washington, DC (Jan. 15, 2019) – January marks the second month since the launch of UPIC Health, LLC’s UPICares Community Lift Jobs Program, which provides meaningful employment for women who are facing housing insecurity or getting back on their feet after incarceration. UPIC Health is partnering with N Street Village and Friends of Guest House, non-profits assisting women in the DMV area, who will provide support and referrals for their clients who would be a great fit for the job. The new UPIC team now has beautiful office space to work from at WeWork Midtown Center (1100 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005), courtesy of WeWork. 

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our national Community Lift Jobs Program, representing the intersection of empathy and opportunity. With WeWork offering participants a beautiful and well-appointed office space, community partners helping women to get back on their feet, and UPIC Health providing a supportive work environment, there is a strong sense of community here. We are beyond excited for this partnership,” said Mary Tucker, CEO of UPIC Health, LLC. 

“We are excited to partner with UPIC Health on the UPICares Community Lift Jobs Program, in collaboration with N Street Village and Friends of Guest House. In addition to their office space at WeWork Midtown Center, we look forward to hands on opportunities for our staff and member companies to collaborate and support this important work,” said Lex Miller, WeWork’s General Manager of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

UPIC’s mission is to 1. Be Happy, 2. Be Awesome, and 3. Help Others with One and Two.

Through strategic client relationships, UPIC Health assists over one million patients in navigating the health system each year. Three years ago, UPIC Health launched UPICares – a community involvement initiative designed to support those who are struggling. Through UPIC Health’s ongoing work, the team identified an immediate opportunity to create the UPICares Community Lift Jobs Program for these amazing women whom have recovered through the exceptional support of N Street Village and Friends of Guest House, and are now in the best position to aid patients in similar situations. 

“N Street Village is proud to partner with UPIC Health and WeWork. We know that a just and equitable future starts with recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every woman, followed by the opportunities created through community partnerships like this,” from N Street Village CEO, Schroeder Stribling.

“Friends of Guest House is beyond grateful for the job readiness training and support offered by UPIC Health and the beautiful work space offered by WeWork.  This opportunity of professional growth and employment stability for our community of returning citizens is truly something special, and I look forward to seeing these women thrive in their newly acquired positions,” Dan Mallon, Program Director at Friends of Guest House said in regards to the program. 

In the future, UPIC Health also hopes to also assist female veterans who are struggling to find meaningful employment through the Community Lift jobs program.

About UPIC

UPIC Health is a mid-size, privately-held company with operations in Washington, DC and Norfolk, Va. A business process outsourcer, UPIC offers patient contact center, revenue cycle management, and teleservices to clients across the country, all practicing under the value-based reimbursement concept. UPIC is a 2018 Velocity Growth Award Winner and Growth Story of the Year. To learn more, visit our website at www.upichealth.com or email Mary Tucker, CEO at mary@upichealth.com. Follow us @UPICHealth. 


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UPICares Leads Program at D.C. Women’s Shelter

By Jessica Lay
Oct. 25, 2018

This week will mark the beginning of UPICares’ workforce development program with N Street Village, a community of empowerment and recovery for women in Washington, D.C. Clients who participate in the eight-week educational series will learn and practice skills such as professional communication, organization, and self-care.

View of N St Village, where it sits on corner of N and 14th St

We couldn’t think of a better time to start this next level of engagement with our partner N Street as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   One in three women has reported to N Street that violence and/or abuse are contributing factors to their unstable housing situation. Domestic abuse can range from name calling to physical or sexual assault. Controlling behaviors, such as withholding funds and intimidation, can keep women from leaving abusive partners.

In fact, three in five women arrive at N St with no independent source of income. This means finding gainful employment is paramount to leading a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Knocking on N St’s door is the first step to ensuring a warm meal and a safe place for the night for a woman struggling to make ends meet. However, N Street goes beyond providing basic necessities. Clients of the Village can also take advantage of wellness services, from dental care to mental health care, provided at the center.  Thus, UPIC believes that work and communications skills are a natural extension of this support to help get women on the path to independence.

At UPIC we really believe “It Takes a Village.”  And we are excited  for this deepened relationship with N Street as we all work together to empower women.  To learn more about our past work with N Street, visit the UPIC news page.

Author Jessica Lay is UPIC’s Program Lead for UPICares, the organization’s philanthropic initiative.  She spends half of her time assisting patients through UPIC’s contact center and recently completed a degree in Aging Services Management. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UPICHealth.

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UPIC Attends N Street Night at Nationals Park

By Jessica Lay
Sept. 28, 2018

N St Village Members accepting a Spirit Award on Nats Field

UPICares volunteers had a blast at N Street Village’s Night at Nationals Park last week. Although our local team lost 2-4 against the New York Mets, the ‘friendraiser’ was a home-run for the women’s shelter that supports nearly 2,000 women a year.

UPIC employees that made in-kind donations to N St were entered into a raffle for a pair of tickets to the game. We made sure to take into consideration their most needed items at the moment: travel sized toothpaste (supplies were recently exhausted) and deodorant.

Nat fans intently watching the game.

N Street allocated great seats for the game and each ticket included a $10 concession credit and $5 donation to the Village.

To add to the excitement, the Washington Nationals honored local charities and organizations with Spirit Awards during the pre-game ceremonies. Before the first pitch, N Street employees were invited onto the ball field to accept a Spirit Award.

N Street’s mission was featured on the big screen twice, along with the logo that features a D.C. skyline.

N Street provides basic needs such as beds and warm meals for those in need. And daytime services include dental care, shelter, and wellness services, such as yoga, and much, much more. N Street’s mission is to empower homeless and low-income women in Washington D.C. to claim their highest quality of life. The Village serves about 208,000 meals and facilitates more than 5,000 showers per year.

Each woman comes to the village with her own unique set of circumstances. The Village works to meet those needs and empowers clients to overcome challenges, heal, and restore a sense of dignity and self-worth. N Street clients’ diverse challenges include:

  • Disability, mental illness, addiction, 64%
  • Self-reported HIV, 6%
  • Lack of income, 50%
  • Older population, 51% are over 50
  •  Discrimination, 81% percent are women of color.

“Every day at least one woman comes to N Street Village for the first time, and I know that – but for a few circumstances of fortune and timing – ‘she’ could be me.” -Schroeder Stribling, CEO of N St Village

UPICares volunteers had a blast at the game!

UPICares also is partnering with N Street in a workforce development program that clients of the Village can participate in. The program will help clients develop communications skills and prepare to get back into the workforce.

N Street is gearing up for Fall with some notable events:

Author Jessica Lay is UPIC’s Program Lead for UPICares, the organization’s philanthropic initiative.  She spends half of her time assisting patients through UPIC’s contact center and recently completed a degree in Aging Services Management. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UPICHealth.

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