UPICares Leads Program at D.C. Women’s Shelter

By Jessica Lay
Oct. 25, 2018

This week will mark the beginning of UPICares’ workforce development program with N Street Village, a community of empowerment and recovery for women in Washington, D.C. Clients who participate in the eight-week educational series will learn and practice skills such as professional communication, organization, and self-care.

View of N St Village, where it sits on corner of N and 14th St

We couldn’t think of a better time to start this next level of engagement with our partner N Street as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   One in three women has reported to N Street that violence and/or abuse are contributing factors to their unstable housing situation. Domestic abuse can range from name calling to physical or sexual assault. Controlling behaviors, such as withholding funds and intimidation, can keep women from leaving abusive partners.

In fact, three in five women arrive at N St with no independent source of income. This means finding gainful employment is paramount to leading a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Knocking on N St’s door is the first step to ensuring a warm meal and a safe place for the night for a woman struggling to make ends meet. However, N Street goes beyond providing basic necessities. Clients of the Village can also take advantage of wellness services, from dental care to mental health care, provided at the center.  Thus, UPIC believes that work and communications skills are a natural extension of this support to help get women on the path to independence.

At UPIC we really believe “It Takes a Village.”  And we are excited  for this deepened relationship with N Street as we all work together to empower women.  To learn more about our past work with N Street, visit the UPIC news page.

Author Jessica Lay is UPIC’s Program Lead for UPICares, the organization’s philanthropic initiative.  She spends half of her time assisting patients through UPIC’s contact center and recently completed a degree in Aging Services Management. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UPICHealth.

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