UPIC Defends Title X

By Juli Briskman
Aug. 20,  2018

UPIC Health filed comments last month with the U.S. Health and Human Services Department Office of Population Affairs to defend Title X and demand that proposed domestic gag rules be abandoned.

We fear these rules would set the women’s reproductive health agenda back years, if not decades.  Honoring our mantra #WeAreWhoWeServe, we think it is imperative that organizations like UPIC and others that serve the healthcare industry speak out against the administrative agenda that discriminates against women and other disenfranchised populations that depend on Title X for healthcare.

Read the full text of our comments here.  #UPICares

Juli Briskman is Chief Marketing Officer for UPIC Health, LLC.  UPIC outsources patient contact center, revenue cycle management, and telebehavioral health services, mainly to the women’s reproductive health industry.  To learn more, visit the Who We Are page on our website. Follow us @UPICHealth.

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